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Printing is relatively simple when you know what you are doing.  Here on the GHC campuses, you can print in nearly every room that has computers.   


Printing costs .10 cents per page regardless of whether or not it’s double sided.  This is determined by the original number of pages that you send to PHAROS.  That means a Double sided page will be .20 cents.

Color printing is .25 cents a page.  We can do color printing at all our libraries!


Before you print, check your 'Printer Properties' to make sure you've got the correct color choice (Black & White or Color)

From the Office Button or File Tab, Scroll down and choose print.

From the Print Menu Screen you have several options.

1.       Choose which printer you are sending your print job to from the Drop down Printer menu.

2.       Make your choices as to how many you want to print.

3.       Then Hit OK.

Printing Options

You can also choose advanced printing options when you print from GHC computers. For instance, you can print double sided, change paper size, and more.

To choose advanced options, click the Properties button. From here you are directed to another menu. The first menu is the Page Setup which is where you control the paper size, output size, and number of copies.  You can also choose between portrait and landscape.  You can view the page layout and even choose to insert a watermark.  The next tab is the Finishing  tab.  Here you can choose between different print styles such as 1-sided or 2-sided, or booklet printing.  The next tab is Paper Source which is where you can pick which tray the paper comes from. This is followed by the Quality Tab where you decide how you want the print to turn out.

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