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The MAC Computer can be discouraging to the first time user and it shouldn't be.  Here are some helpful tidbits that you should know when using the MAC, making your first time use a simple breeze in the park.

     Q1 - Where is the CPU on a MAC System?

     A2 - The moniter is the entire computer system.  It contains everything the CPU does for a Windows desktop.  USB Ports, Headphone and Microphone Ports, and CD ROM drive.


     Q2 - How do you turn on the MAC Computer?

     A2 - Located on the lower back left-hand side of the moniter, you will find the power switch.


     Q3 - Where are the USB Ports on the MAC Computers?

     A3 - The USB Ports are located on the back of the monitor on the right hand side.


     Q4- How do I use NUMBER LOCK on the MAC Keyboard?

     A4- If your number pad is locked, hit the clear button.  It is located in the same spot as the num lock on the regular keyboard.


     Q5 - What are The MAC keyboard Shortcuts?

     A5 - Here are some other MAC Keyboard Shortcuts.CLICK ME FOR SHORTCUTS! :)


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