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How do I print in Outline View on Microsoft Powerpoint 2007?

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2012  |  2444 Views

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 Don't worry, your not the only one to have asked this question.  I have listed the steps below in which you need to follow to successfully print in outline view.

     Fun Printing!


1) Go into the File Drop Down Menu located (mostly) In the upper Top Left corner of the page, document, program, that you are currently in.  In this instance we need to be in Microsoft PowerPoint. (Its the Microsoft Circle)

2) From here click PRINT, in which you will get a Print Menu at the front of your screen.

3) Now you should choose the desired page range in which you want to print.

4)Right below this area is the PRINT WHAT section. Right underneath the words "PRINT WHAT", You want to select the OUTLINE option from the drop down menu.

Now all you have to do is ht print and WA-LAH! You have an outline view in teh making!

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